Cultivate is a youth-focused arts education collective. We believe in the power of young people as storytellers, artists, activists, and agents of change.

We engage in interdisciplinary artistic projects rooted in a sense of community and place. Our goal is to support young artists in developing the skills to tell the stories of their experiences and communities. We hope this work renegotiates the social relationship between adults and young people, shifting how youth are perceived, included, and empowered in democratic spaces.

Cultivate develops projects independently and in partnership with arts and youth organizations. At this time, Cultivate is working alongside the Festival Players of Prince Edward County and the Stratford Festival.

A key element of our practice is documenting, researching, and sharing the incredible work of our young artists. We have presented about our work and run workshops for artists and educators across North America.

Interested in learning more about Cultivate? Partnering with us? Hosting us for a presentation or workshop? Collaborating as a young artist? We'd love to hear from you.


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